How was September meeting?

By   September 16, 2015


The sixth meeting of the Bethnal Green Business Forum took place on the 10th September. The meeting concerned itself with a number of issues: from the proposal to establish the “Bethnal Green Gateway”, to the success of Bethnal Green’s new website.

Bethnal Green Gateway

Sarah Finn from Tower Hamlets Council came and showed us the proposals regarding the Bethnal Green Gateway. The proposal concerns the crossroads just outside Bethnal Green station, which is often the first thing people see as they exit Bethnal Green station. The aim is to make it more open and pedestrian friendly, similar to Oxford Street. The scheme has yet to be finalised – it will be submitted to TfL in September 2016, allowing plenty of time for consultation and observation of traffic. There are lots of questions to be answered – how far the new gateway will go into Bethnal Green Road, what it might mean for cyclists and parking. Nonetheless, the proposals look very promising in rejuvenating the crossroads.

Bethnal Green’s own website, has gone live! The aim for the next couple of months is clear – get more businesses listed and get businesses to submit their stories to the website, so that we can really show what Bethnal Green has to offer. Businesses beyond Cambridge Heath Road are allowed too! The website is shaping up to be a really useful reference guide for individuals, and a great promotional tool for businesses.


The Business Forum also intends to contact the Mayor’s Cabinet directly in order to hear more about Council plans about parking. Questions include whether LBTH are going to stop using cameras as well as whether there could be more notification about when and where businesses are allowed to park. Sometimes loading times have changed without notice, leaving some businesses in the lurch. Parking bays for loading have been removed as well.

Bethnal Green Bridge

The bridge that overlooks Bethnal Green Road is one of the…less impressive parts of the area, and we are looking to see what can be done to get it refurbished or repainted. The thought at the moment is to do something similar to what has been done in The Cally and in Bruce Grove. The bridge is owned by Network Rail, but we have yet to get a reply from them to see whether something can be done. Watch this space…

By Abdul Huson

Picture by Chloe R.