How was our December Meeting?

By   December 14, 2015



Although Christmas is swiftly approaching, other matters cannot be allowed to simply grind to a halt. Not at Oxford House anyway: we hosted BGBF’s meeting last Wednesday, and there were so many people that we had to go on a chair hunt.

TfL schemes in Bethnal Green

The meeting commenced with a visit from Gary Marshall, a representative from Tower Hamlets council who came to discuss the most recent TfL proposals in Bethnal Green. Many were disappointed when the previous scheme fell through and in order to ensure that this is not a repeated occurrence, the latest proposals will focus on the entrances to Bethnal Green with a vision
to ultimately expand this development centrally. This new approach aims to be suitable for all involved parties, and in light of this new plans have been sent to TfL regarding the junction by Paradise Park. The council would like to open out the junction – and minimise the overwhelming congestion that occurs here- by pushing the park railings back. The council are eager to hear local opinion regarding these proposals, and so do make use of your voice on the matter!


The Vision

Turning to the meeting’s second agenda: a vision for Bethnal Green. The forum wa
nts to create a more unified and coherent vision for the area’s potential development because, although it is obvious that the area has great potential, it appears to be lacking the representative voice that it needs in order t
o move forward. In light of this it has been decided that a stronger emphasis will be placed on bringing local residents into discussions with one another, so that they may create a development plan that is fitting for all stakeholders. Many heads are better than one: this will be BGBF’s motto for 2016.

Finally, the meeting turned to updates on topics from previous meetings. John from Oxford House was pleased to inform everyone that Bethnal Green’s website –  – is now up and running. And on the beloved topic of parking? A representative from Tower Hamlets council informed the forum that they will be reviewing parking across the entire borough in the New Year.DSC_0522

As already said, it was great to see so many faces at the meeting and the enthusiasm regarding Bethnal Green’s development is very promising. Stay tuned to find out the dates of the next meeting; for now, we hope everyone has a happy holiday!


By Hayley D.

Pictures by Chloe R.